diumenge, 2 de febrer de 2020

Waleed Baig, 2n Adifin, here I am in München!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Waleed Baig, I am a last year student of Grado Superior of Administration and Finance and I am on an Erasmus internship here in Munich, Germany.
I am working in a Spanish language Institute (Instituto Cervantes de Munich) perhaps you know about it, as they have more than +80 institutes in the whole world. I am working in their Administration department and so far, I am liking it.

Every day I wake up at 8:00 o clock I prepare myself and go to work which is 20 minutes away from where my apartment is. From Monday to Thursday my schedule is from 11.00am till 17:00pm and on Friday from 10:00am till 14:00am with 30minutes break in it.
Now I will explain you what I am doing there;
As I told you I am in the Administration department, you can get the general idea what my tasks are going to be. I manage all the documents of new students who want to get admitted in our Institute, handling the invoices and some legal and confidential documents. In addition to that, I also answer emails, telephone calls and handle their social media accounts. I am using a lot of Excel for introducing data and to create the documents and Outlook.
Till now I have learned how to be organised and I am not kidding to you, I have become so organised and responsible which I have never been in my entire life.
There are some things that I miss about Barcelona, the weather, my friends and that fast pace, lively life of it.  In Munich it is so quiet here and you will see nobody after 19:00pm on the streets, not even the birds. People usually here don’t like to talk in English maybe they are embarrassed about how bad there English is (talking in general, excluding young people or students), so if you are a tourist or an exchange student you better learn some German, you will thank me later.
When I am not working, I am cooking LOL! I have love hate relationship with it, I love food, but I hate cooking but guess what? You get used to it when you live alone. I sometimes eat out, but Munich is very expensive in general. I am also doing an online course of programming in my free time and on weekends I usually go out with my friends and other Spanish students who are doing their internship here.
To be continued……….

dimecres, 29 de gener de 2020

Farah Haykal, 2n Comerç: My first weeks in Pliening (München), Germany

In this experience I have become involved in the world of foreign trade, more specifically in matters of export of products at customs level.

I do my internship in a company called Crown, which manufactures and exports equipment for warehouses.

The operational part of the company (European Parts Center) in which I am located is located in a small town called Pliening, which is half an hour from the center of Munich.
My accommodation is unfortunately an hour and a half from the company, it is difficult to find a stay around the company, since it is a small town.
The first day was a very intense day full of nerves, I was introduced to each and every one of the departments that are in the company, I also visited the central and administrative part.
They made a small presentation to show me the products that the company sells.

As for the colleagues, they are lovely people, they have made me feel comfortable from the first day, they help me if I have doubts either on business or personal issues related to my stay.

To begin, I have been assigned to do a project that I will have to present in front of my colleagues and which my superior will show to his superiors to explain to them the reason for each of the export authorizations we have.

It is a big challenge and responsability for me, but i am ready fot it ! 

I will go on telling you!

Carla Domènech, Guia: first impressions - Kuopio, Finland

After more than a week living in Finland I can say that I am in love with this country.
The weather is not that cold, people are so nice and helpful and food is delicious.
The first week was a little bit hard for me because I have to share a room with 3 more people and I am used to live alone,sleeping with 3 persons is very difficult sometimes. I’ll have to stay in this hostel until the first of February and then, I will move to an apartment and I will have my very own room.
The job that I’m doing here is in a Hotel & Spa called Rauhalahti, and is located in the middle of the forest and near a lake. The views from the main pool of the Spa are amazing.
This first weeks of January the hotel is kinda empty because Finnish people have vacations the beginning of February, so until then, everything here it’s very calm. 
I’ve learned a lot of Finnish words already and I can’t wait to learn more in future weeks. All the workers of the hotel are very nice with me and they are helping me a lot with everything. I am speaking English all the time so this Erasmus experience is helping me a lot to improve my English. 
About Kuopio, I have to say that it’s better than I thought, it’s full of lakes, forests, nature and shopping centers, so you can do a lot of things here. 
I can’t wait to see and experience of the real weather of Finland and go to ski and skate, I hope it arrives soon.

 Soon comes more!!

dilluns, 13 de gener de 2020

Three Students Face New Challenges

Three students start today their internship in European companies through their Erasmus stipendium.

Carla Domènech 

2n. Cicle Superior de Guia, assistència a la Informació amb perfil d'animador is going to work in Kuopio, Finland in the SPA-Hotel KYLPYLÄ HOTELLI RAUHALAHTI 

 Farah Haykal

2n. Cicle Superior Comerç Internacional
will face challenges in the customs department of the company in Pliening, near München, Germany

CROWN Gabelstapler GmbH

                                                    Mira Waleed Baig 
2n Cicle Superior Administració i Finances is working in the administration of the language school Instituto Cervantes in München, Germany

diumenge, 5 de gener de 2020

Why Erasmus?

  • find job opportunities in foreign European  countries

  • gather experience
  • make a real liguistic immersion improve your English level

  • learn new languages
  • learn about new cultures

Enriching lives opening minds

Los proyectos Erasmus+ KA102 y KA103 son financiados con el apoyo de la Unión  Europea y gestionado por el SEPIE